LEADERSHIP is all about People

LEADERSHIP is all about People

What leadership is all about? Is it only about a position or individual?

We all have experienced leadership in our day-to-day life: let me take you through your own experience.

Remember in school and college when teacher used to teach more than the actual class timing, and you were asked by everyone to get up say that “Sir, period is over” that’s when your friends trusted you and you were in the forefront to do the task, that’s leadership!!!

No, I don’t encourage this, but it showed that everybody believed that you have the guts to do that, it came as a common consensus that you will be the right person to lead.

You have a college project, and let’s say 6 members in your team, you identified the key aspects in which your team members are good at, and then you assigned them the work thinking you will sum it up once they are finished, it shows you tried to make an environment where people can work but at the same time you too worked hard to ensure that it gets completed on time .For me these are the true examples of leadership where you could convince a group/ community that could build a movement.

True Leadership is all about building a team who are aligned to the mission and won’t let it fail.

Once I used to work in an EdTech company in sales under an amazing Leader. Being in sales the pressure was huge however our commitment to the organisation was even more and it was all because of the LEADERSHIP. From him I learned a lot of things about leadership.

The first thing I learned is Leaders make an ecosystem for growth for their team to work together for a single mission so that we can achieve what was desired. In doing so we all felt the energy that helped us stay for long and come early for work even if without getting paid for the extra hours. This kind of commitment is only possible when you and your team is aligned to the mission that the organisation has.

Due to the technology transformation it’s okay to feel and understand that you cant do everything alone , hence you will not be able to carry forward that’s why you need a highly efficient team to take up the mission as the key is to step into a space where you don’t have to struggle by yourself.

True leadership calls for radical interdependency through collective effort and not just through individual brilliance.

There were times when things were not going the way he wanted and could escalate problems in the team and the actual mission of the organisation was fading away, however I learned that conflict avoidance and accountability will hold the mission back.

Being a leader or in a leadership position you may have to do a lot of different work from Financial Planning to Process Implementation, however the most important part in all these is People Management Plan (PMP).

In People Management Plan (PMP) it important to understand the critical individual to lead your mission and it’s not related to position or money.

It’s about the skills, passion and the vision to grow the team and that can only be accomplished when you understand your team properly.

Leadership is not yours, its theirs, you work as a host. You’re holding the space for your teammates. You invite others to work in your space so that they can co-create and improve for the mission.

 The role of a leader is to be a catalyst with helps and speed up the actual process.

I am sure, we can lead ourselves first and then our team, it’s an experience where you dedicate your own self to the team for a common mission.

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